Finding a Great Groomer

Dog, bunny, or stuffed animal?  It's all in the eye of your groomer to determine if your fur baby is fawned over or chucked at.

A haircut can be everything for your best friend!

Grooming takes a scraggly mutt and turns him into a prince.  But how do you find a good groomer?

One of the most important parts of finding a groomer is making sure they have the same priorities and vision for your dog as you do.  If they feel strongly that a breed must stay true to it's roots, then they will push for a poodle to have the standard cut rather than offer ideas on a more natural puppy cut.

Once you know your groomer and you both agree on the outcome, personality and how they interact with your pup is key!  They should be excited to see you and your dog and your dog should be (relatively!) excited to see them!  We know some breeds associate grooming with a stressful time, so if your dog is nervous in general about the setting, pay special attention to how they are interacting with the actual groomer.  Most of the time an experience groomer can calm down even the most nervous baby!