About Us


Smooth 'n Groom is a small business that was created to provide our community with effective & easy to use pet grooming tools that are meant to keep our pets safe and looking great! 

On the day-to-day, our pets can have a little fur trouble. Sometimes it can be a buildup of small superficial tangles, knots, burrs, or maybe some gunk around the eyes. But while we wait in between grooming trips, there are some things we want to try at home to spruce up our pet's fur. 

This is when Smooth 'n Groom is here to help! We understand the desire for you take care of your pets. It's one of the bests ways you can show your pet you really care. 

We make at-home pet care safe and easy, so you don't have to resort to techniques that can result in possible injury.  

Keep the pet grooming experience paw-sitive with Smooth 'n Groom!