Can I use this on cats? 

Yes! The Fur Hero™ was designed with cat hair in mind, especially if you own an outdoor cat that's prone to collecting burrows or debris in their fur.   


How do I hold my Smooth 'n Groom Fur Hero™

There is no 1 way to hold the Fur Hero™ Some individuals feel most comfortable using the finger holes while others enjoy palming it. It really comes down to preference and comfortability. 


How do I remove the blade from my Fur Hero / How do I clean my Fur Hero? 



The Fur Hero will need to be cleaned after each use on your pet.

Keep in mind that fur build-up can occur inside of the blade, therefore we recommend checking the blade once or twice while you are grooming your pet.

To clean the Fur Hero, you will need to remove the blade:



To remove a blade from the Fur Hero, find the side of the Fur Hero that has a normal horizontal mark near the teeth of the comb.

While holding upside down, Gently push underneath this horizontal line with your thumb.

This pressure will unlock and slide out the comb portion of the Fur Hero, including the blade.

Note that the blade will stay secure within the comb.

From here, completely seperate the comb from the rest of the Fur Hero to access the blade. In the middle of the comb on the top, there is a divit for you to gently pull and seperate the comb from the blade.

You can now easily clean the comb and replace a blade.


Can I use my Smooth 'n Groom Fur Hero™ as a brush for my pet's entire coat?

It is important to remember that the Fur Hero™ contains a 2.25inch blade that is designed to remove eye gunk, matted fur, tangles, and to debulk the coat. Do not use it as a typical pet brush to straighten fur. 

Is there a certain way I should brush?

Make sure to brush with the grain of the fur. Going against the grain will result in an uneven finish. Also, it is more comfortable for your furry friend when you brush with the grain. 

Where can I buy replacement blades?

Your Fur Hero™ will come prepped with a  blade for immediate use. Additional blades can be purchased on our website. 

What pets should I avoid using this on?

We recommend avoiding use on pets with double coats. We have found that their fur does not tangle or mat easily and that their coat does not benefit from the Fur Hero™.