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How do I hold my Smooth 'n Groom Fur Hero™

There is no 1 way to hold the Fur Hero™ Some individuals feel most comfortable using the finger holes while others enjoy palming it. It really comes down to preference and comfortability. 

Can I use my Smooth 'n Groom Fur Hero™ as a brush for my pet's entire coat?

It is important to remember that the Fur Hero™ contains a 2.25inch blade that is designed to remove eye gunk, matted fur, tangles, and to debulk the coat. Do not use it as a typical pet brush to straighten fur. 

Is there a certain way I should brush?

Make sure to brush with the grain of the fur. Going against the grain will result in an uneven finish. Also, it is more comfortable for your furry friend when you brush with the grain. 

Where can I buy replacement blades?

Your Smooth 'n Groom Fur Hero™ will come prepped with a  blade for immediate use. Additional blades can be purchased on our website. 

What pets should I avoid using this on?

We recommend avoiding use on pets with double coats. We have found that their fur does not tangle or matt easily and that their coat does not benefit from the Fur Hero™. 

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