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Replacement Blades

Replacement Blades

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Need to replace your blades?

Don't worry, we have you covered. Order today and we'll send you a pack of either 5 or 10 replacement blades.

Watch our video or read our "How to clean and replace" section below to see how you can easily change a blade from the Fur Hero

How to Hold

There is no one way to hold the Fur Hero™

Some individuals feel most comfortable using the finger holes while others enjoy palming it. It really comes down to preference and comfortability. 

How to Use

For tangles, knots and excess fur: After you identify where tangles and knots are, gently begin to comb them out with the Fur Hero. Make sure to go with the grain of the fur, and clear hair from the Fur Hero frequently to see best results.

To remove eye-gunk, gently scoop downward around the eyes with the grain of the fur

How to Clean & Replace Blades


The Fur Hero will need to be cleared of hair after each use on your pet.

Keep in mind that fur build-up can occur inside of the blade, therefore we recommend checking the blade after use.


To clean the Fur Hero, you will need to remove the blade.

To remove thr blade from the Fur Hero, find the side of the Fur Hero that has a horizontal mark near the teeth of the comb.

With a firm grip, gently push underneath this horizontal line with your thumb.

This pressure will unlock and slide out the comb portion of the Fur Hero, including the blade.

Note that the blade will stay secure within the comb.

From here, completely seperate the teeth portion of the comb from the rest of the Fur Hero to access the blade. On the top center potion of the comb, there is a divit for you to gently pull and seperate the comb from the blade.

You can now easily clean the comb and replace the blade, if desired.

Coats to Avoid

We don't recommend using the Fur Hero on breeds with double coats.

The top layer of a double coat (otherwise known as the guard coat), shouldn't be cut for the overall health of your pet's undercoat.

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