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The Bath Hero™

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This is not your ordinary pet soap🧼! 

Looking for an all-natural soap that cleans deep within your pet's fur? Or how about a soap that smells like a fresh trip to the groomers? Well, look no further!

Smooth 'n Groom's ORIGINAL Bath Hero is unlike any pet soap on the market. The Bath Hero™ uses a fresh luffa plant embedded inside of an all-natural glycerin base soap to remove dirt deep within the fur and leave your pet smelling fresher for longer. 

The luffa plant acts as an organic sponge that uses its fibrous properties to exfoliate and soften your pet's fur. Luffa plants, related to the cucumber family, are known to possess many health benefits for animals as well as people. Not only can a luffa plant exfoliate and smoothen fur, but it also works to remove dead skin cells below the fur to ensure healthy skin. 

The all-natural glycerin base soap is also known to have many benefits for pets. For instance, pure glycerin does not strip the natural oils from your pet's coat like traditional soaps. Instead, It adds moisture to your pet's fur and helps protect it from the elements. More so, it is very gentle for pets with irritated or sensitive skin 

Did we forget to mention that it is Veterinarian approved and AMERICAN-made?! 

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As a Vet I am always looking for products that are safe for pets.  I recommend the Smooth 'n Groom to my clients because pets love it and the hidden blade makes it safe on any animal.

It's so expensive getting my dog constantly groomed.  I still take her to get groomed, but with the Smooth 'n Groom I can extend it and I can get all the crud safely out of her face.

I had a pet with very matted ears.  I had told the pet owner that we would need to shave the ears, but then I tested the Smooth 'n Groom and was able to get every mat out of the dog's ear!  The amazing part was the dog actually liked being combed with the Smooth 'n Groom!

I LOVE the new Smooth 'n Groom!  My dog HATES being groomed, especially around his face, but he loves when I comb him with the Smooth 'n Groom! 

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