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The Fur Hero™

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Smooth 'n Groom's ORIGINAL Fur Hero is unlike any pet grooming tool on the market🤯.   

Are you fed-up with your pet's matted or excess fur? Or how about their eye-gunk that constantly builds up?

Well, we have the solution for you with Smooth 'n Groom's ORIGINAL Fur Hero

Smooth 'n Groom's patented Fur Hero has a guarded 2.25" replaceable razor blade that is used to safely remove any unwanted mats, excess fur, or eye-gunk from your furry friends. Not only is it safe to use, but it will also leave your pet's fur looking much healthier. Simply, target matted or excess fur and gently begin to comb with the grain of the fur. Clear hair from the Fur Hero frequently and watch as your pet's fur begins to smooth out. For eye-gunk, simply scoop it out gently and watch as your pet's eyes begin to clear up!

Your purchase will include the 2.25" blade for immediate use. Any additional blades can be easily purchased on our website!

Did we forget to mention that our products are Veterinarian approved and AMERICAN-made?! 🇺🇸

It is time to say GOODBYE to matted-excess fur, and eye-gunk with Smooth 'n Groom's ORIGINAL Fur Hero™. Revolutionize the way you groom your furry friends today! 🐕 🐩 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

Watch our video below! 👇 👇 👇  

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Eva Dwyer
What I’ve always wanted & more

I have been so impressed by the fur hero. I’ve been using the fur hero with my dogs now for a few weeks & all of them have so much more beautiful fur than before! Where their collars were and where there was a crease, the fur hero was able to eliminate most of that crease. I’ve never used something that has done that. Along with that, our wirey haired dog is completely smooth. Something I like about it is that you know when you’re done using it. No more guessing if you be gotten the job done. It’s so smooth when ylure done! Same with my mixed breed pup that has a double coat & would normally need groomed. I’m finding myself not needing to go to the groomer. It works so well & im excited to use this with some of my dog clients! Thank you so much!

janice reed
The Best

Love ❤️ the Smooth ‘n Groom, really easy to work through those mats.

Nicky Graham
Game changer!

This tool is a game changer! We keep our Newfypoo’s hair long and this works great on his under ear matts and his tighter poodle fur on his back end! Does great through our Berners thick coat too! Pulls right through tight spots without making them uncomfortable, love it! Always had to use scissors before… not anymore!

Douglas Graham
Amazing for my Doodle!

I have a Newfoundland Poodle that has disliked every brush or comb I have used ! But this one seems to not bother him!!! It was super fast and easy to get rid of the tangles and matts and caused no discomfort to my dog!! I recommend giving this a try!!!

Dan G.

This is truly the best comb I’ve used on my cavapoo. We brush her frequently but due to her breed matts and tangles are inevitable. Although she’s generally pretty good with grooming, this tool makes it so easy to cut out any imperfections without pulling on the tangles or hurting my dog and she is incredibly not bothered by it. I also use it around her eyes to get out her tear stains and gunk and it works perfectly - Couldn’t recommend more!


As a Vet I am always looking for products that are safe for pets.  I recommend the Smooth 'n Groom to my clients because pets love it and the hidden blade makes it safe on any animal.

It's so expensive getting my dog constantly groomed.  I still take her to get groomed, but with the Smooth 'n Groom I can extend it and I can get all the crud safely out of her face.

I had a pet with very matted ears.  I had told the pet owner that we would need to shave the ears, but then I tested the Smooth 'n Groom and was able to get every mat out of the dog's ear!  The amazing part was the dog actually liked being combed with the Smooth 'n Groom!

I LOVE the new Smooth 'n Groom!  My dog HATES being groomed, especially around his face, but he loves when I comb him with the Smooth 'n Groom! 

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